Lucky Paws Resort
2273 Lovi Road
Freedom, PA 15042
Phone: 724-728-1484
Every Pet Should Be So Lucky!

Our Staff - The luckiest ones of all...

Brianna (Social Media)
with Stanley

Dawn (General Manager)
with Sway

Gretchen & Jason (Owners)
with their Furry Family

Heather (Hotel Manager)
with Prancer

Justine with Sadie

Kim (Daycare Manager)
with Brindle

Kirsten (Office Manager)
with Sly

Krista (Trainer)
with Lily

Linda (Receptionist)
with Captain Jack

McKinley with Cornelius and Daisy

Michele (Groomer)
with Rosie

Sandy with Tank

Spencer (Groomer)
with Indy


Our Favorite Organization:
Riding for the Handicapped of Western PA

RHWPA is a program run by volunteers and donations. Through therapeutic riding, healing occurs in unique ways. In therapeutic riding, disabled people ride horses under the guidance of a trained instructor.  This innovative therapy benefits the rider physically and emotionally. 

RHWPA is funded entirely by individual, business and corporate donations through its fundraising efforts.

Without volunteers willing to give a few hours a week, this program would not be able to exist. Experience with horses or people with disabilities is helpful, but not necessary.

For more information, visit: