Lucky Paws Resort
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Freedom, PA 15042
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Every Pet Should Be So Lucky!

Spa package charges are added on to the base price of the groom or bath.

The Lucky Dog Package ("The Works")

$50 (any size dog) -- $20 in savings!

For the truly pampered pet! Treat your best friend to a day at the spa. Services include:

  • Blueberry facial (a cleansing treatment for staining and odor)
  • Butter Balm pedicure (a yummy moisturizer for dry paws -- includes a 15 minute foot massage)
  • Choice of Nail Grind or De-Shed
  • Fur Butter/Deep Conditioning treatment (includes a 15 minute Swedish massage)
  • Teeth brushing and breath freshener

The Healthy Pet Package

$15 for small dog (under 40 lbs)
$25 for large dog (over 40 lbs)

Keep your best friend healthy and feeling great. This package includes a soothing oatmeal shampoo, teeth brushing and our wildly popular Fur Butter treatment. Fur Butter is an all-natural, hypo-allergenic deep conditioner that helps restore damaged coats and repairs dry, itchy skin. We include a free 15 minute massage with this application to give the butter time to soak in!

The Sparkle and Shine Package

$25 (any size dog)

Unleash the inner superstar in your dog! This package includes a coat-brightening shampoo, a blueberry and vanilla facial that gently cleanses staining, and a butter balm treatment for dry pads and noses. This includes a 15 minute foot massage while the yummy moisturizers are absorbed!

Relax and Renew Package

$15 for small dog (under 40 lbs)
$25 for large dog (over 40 lbs)

We begin by giving your dog a Butter Balm Pedicure for dry pads and noses, including a 15 minute foot massage! A relaxing lavender aromatherapy bath is then followed by our popular Fur Butter treatment and 15 minute Swedish massage. Add a $10 Blueberry facial for the ultimate in luxury!

Have a Ball Package

$15 for small dog (under 40 lbs)
$25 for large dog (over 40 lbs)

Want your dog to have a great time and burn off a little energy? Let him enjoy a 15 minute playtime and peanut butter popsicle before enjoying a revitalizing eucalyptus bath and Fur Butter treatment, including a 15 minute massage. This is a great package for dogs who love to play, but it is also highly recommended for dogs with fear issues. Let us help him learn to love and trust his groomers!