Lucky Paws Resort
2273 Lovi Road
Freedom, PA 15042
Phone: 724-728-1484
Every Pet Should Be So Lucky!
I scheduled an appt. with your facility and took Simba there today. You should be aware that on a scale from 1-10. I give Lucky Paws a 10+! The groomer, Heather, met with me prior to Simba's first appointment, and we discussed Simba's options. I was pleasantly surprised when Heather told me I could pick Simba up in 3 hours. She immediately developed a repore with Simba - Simba isn't really socialized and is particularly with whom she makes friends, but she liked Heather and followed her to the grooming room without hesitation.

When I returned to pick Simba up 3 hours later, I was so pleased with Heather's work. Heather gave her a professional Springer cut and she looks great! I specifically asked Heather if Simba was problematic, and she said not at all. I am so relieved that I have a place so close to home upon which I can now rely for Simba's future groomings. I will be recommending your facility to my local friends/family.

- Michelle Bimeal (I am the tax collector for New Sewickley Township)
We have been steady users of the suites at Lucky Paws for our Pomeranian, Dusty, for well over a year. It has made our frequent trips away from home anxiety free! Lucky Paws Pet Resort has character. Medical record screening, cleanliness, excellent grooming services, and well-supervised play time enhance Dusty's stay and give us confidences that he is being well-cared for. He actually runs happily into his "suite" when we arrive. I think he really believes he is at a "resort." We consider ourselves lucky to have found the caring Lucky Paws team.

- Bruce and Theresa Newell, Sewickley
The only place for my dogs!

- Brett Keisel, Pittsburgh Steelers #99
Buster and Bart (my two pugs) love Lucky Paws Dog Park -- it is a canine playground extraordinaire!!! This is not like any other dog park in the area. The facilities, play equipment, shaded pavilion and the zero entry pool are absolutely fantastic! Even if your dog doesn't swim -- they have so much fun running back and forth in the water. You can't help but smile and laugh watching how much fun all these happy canines seem to be having.

- Glenna Taylor, Cranberry Twp.
I never have to drag Sam, Baxter, and Dulcea to their grooming appointments at Lucky Paws! As soon as they see Karen, they run and shower her with kisses and drop me flat. This is a sure sign that she is kind and gentle with them, and they look fabulous when I pick them up. They smell great, too!

- Lisa Edelman, Baden
Rocky really enjoys going to Lucky Paws. The only other time he is so excited to see anyone is when we return home. Everyone treats him as though he was their own dog. Whether we leave him for a night or 2 weeks we know that he will be treated well and taken in as one of the family. We feel that Lucky Paws is the premier place in the area where you can take your dog and know that everyone takes interest in getting to know your dog and not treat him as though he were just a number. The facility is very clean and unusually quiet even when rooms are full.

- Adam Hinds, Baden
Just wanted to thank you so much for taking such great care of my two dogs, Krissy and Pepper - they LOVE coming to Lucky Paws!! Also, a huge thank you to Karen. We received a big compliment regarding the grooming of our pets from our vet. Thank you ever so much for making them beautiful and loved by everyone at the resort!

- Kim Bradley, Gibsonia
We just picked up Bella and Baxter from a week-long stay with you guys and had you groom them while they were there. It was the first time we've used your grooming services and I have to say, we were beyond pleased. It wasn't until we actually got home and were loving on and playing with the dogs that we realized how thorough the groomer had been. It was, by far, the best job a groomer has ever done with them. I just wanted to write and say thank you. We really appreciate the care you give our dogs, and the attention to detail their groomer gave. Thanks again!

- Kim Reed, Pittsburgh
To My Friends at Lucky Paws: You are the best!! I look so pretty, smell so good, and feel so relaxed!! I can't imagine going anywhere else. I'm looking forward to playing and swimming in the dog park and hanging out with all of my friends there. Whether I come in just for a bath or for a week's stay, you always make me feel right at home. Hope to see you soon!!

P.S. If I ever decide to run away from home, my mom will know just where to find me!!!

- Maggie McAndrew, Golden Retriever, Cranberry Twp
Thank you for taking care of Chester while I have been deployed to Iraq and Kuwait for 400 days. When I received my orders back in Feb 2009, I did not have any qualms about leaving Chester at Lucky Paws for such a long period. I never once had to worry about how he was doing while serving my country. You gals are great - sending me pictures of his birthday party, taking him to the pool, letting him sit on the couch, giving him baths/spa treatments, exercise, etc. I am forever grateful. Lucky Paws is by far the best place for Chester to stay. Thank you - Keep up the awesome work.

- Jason Yee, Cranberry Twp
I want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone at Lucky Paws, especially the hotel staff and daycare staff. Dexter and Izzy had as wonderful a vacation as we did and have huge smiles on their faces. I really enjoyed looking at the picture CD. It is easy to tell that they are comfortable and that you all care for them so well. Thank you beyond words. Also, thanks to the groomers! They look and smell wonderful. :-)

- Cathy Rudowsky, Cranberry Twp.
Just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of our "baby." She always comes home smelling so nice and sooooo sleepy - she must enjoy watching all of the goings on and can't take a minute to shut her eyes because she might miss out on something! It is nice to know that Winnie is in such good hands. Thanks again.

- Shannon Serody, Mars
My miniature schnauzer, Maddie, loves Lucky Paws Pet Resort. Maddie is always excited when we pull into the Lucky Paws driveway and squeals with excitement. While at the Pet Resort, she has fun at playtime and loves meeting new friends at daycare. Whenever we bring Maddie to the Lucky Paws Pet resort, we are always a little sad to say goodbye, but happy to know she is having fun and getting a lot of exercise. When Maddie comes home from grooming she always smells great and looks so pretty. We highly recommend Lucky Paws for those who want a fun place that takes care of your dog as well as you do.

- Rachel Rothermel, age 9, Wexford